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Denak Depoculuk ve Nakliyecilik A.Ş.; was established in 1976 under the structure of Çolakoğlu Corporate Group for making every kind of  carrying services.
Parallel to the increase in foreign trade potential of Turkiye; in 1984 Denak A.Ş. has started agency business and chartering activities.
Denak A.Ş. is giving agency services in both ports and straits for about 400-450 ships annually. Also it is involved in  chartering ships for approximately 2 / 2,5 million tons  per year.
Denak A.Ş. is controlling 3,5 / 4,5 million tones of carrying service per year 1 / 1.5 million of which belongs to the ships that it  charters, and 2 / 2,5 million of which belongs to its own vessels.
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M/V NURI BEY - 80459 DWT